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  • Lily 1.2 is out!

    We’re very happy to announce the release of Lily 1.2. It contains a number of improvements and exciting new features, both on the open source and the enterprise side of things. Lily Core 1.2 First of all, Lily has been upgraded and verified to be CDH3u3 compatible. We’re also closely tracking CD...

  • Lily 1.1 is out: what's new?

    We have a nice Christmas present for you: Lily 1.1 is out, and there's improvements for everyone: developers, administrators and Lily hackers. Read more about the exciting new stuff in Lily 1.1 below! Complex Field Types Lily adds a high-level data model on top of HBase. Originally, the model wa...

  • Innovation and collaboration on Big Data recommendations

    (press release) Outerthought and Oxynade, two software companies from the Belgian Ghent area, are collaborating in the context of the TWIRL project, a European research project on open platforms able to process, mine, interlink and fuse data originating from real world applications and on-line d...

  • Cloudera partnership and Accenture Innovation Awards

    As mentioned in our previous newsletter, this Summer is Hot in Lily-land. We have some more exciting announcements to make: Cloudera ConnectTM Partnership We're very happy and proud to be included in the initial list of Cloudera ConnectTM Partners, announced just a couple of days ago. Lily is al...

  • Lily Summer season

    This Summer, we’re hard at work on some exciting new features of Lily, while helping some customers to kick off their new Lily-based projects. It’s great to see our product being used in practice, a truly educational experience for ourselves as well. Let’s have a look at the new stuff.  1. Lily ...