What is Lily ?

Lily is the first cloud-scale repository for social content applications: it stores content and attention data - at scale. It is based on Apache HBase and SOLR, and provides storage, indexing and search. It allows developers to access a rich and flexible content repository model that fits well underneath any kind of large-scale, content-centric internet application, being media and asset management, archiving, document storage, and much more.

If you need to scale beyond the relational model, and are exploring Big Data solutions, you might be daunted by the technicality of these novel technologies. Lily will improve your time to market by wrapping leading-edge technology into a developer- and enterprise friendly package.


The Lily storage model supports a variety of high-level data types, a schema model with record and field types, versioning and record variants (multi-linguality). The developer-friendly content model is mapped and persisted into HBase, the leading BigTable implementation in use at some of the world's largest data companies: Facebook, Yahoo!, StumbleUpon. Blob content can be persisted in the underlying Hadoop filesystem.


Lily provides a flexible, configurable and robust index mapping mechanism ensuring automated, performant, interactive or batch-based index maintenance.


Lily has great integration with SOLR, the leader in enterprise and internet-scale search. Lily improves SOLR by completely automating index maintenance, but leaves all SOLR search power available for your use.


Lily simple architecture diagram

A more in-depth explanation of the Lily architecture can be found on the documentation website.